Ever Wonder What Your Cat is Thinking?


Idea Incubator

Is there a formula to great design? How do you ensure that both the client and designer are happy with the end product?

The Power of SketchUp

SketchUp is a free 3D modeling program that gives our designers an easy way to quickly visualize their work in space.

The Brand that Brings U2 to Life

CLAIR, the brand AgileCat created years ago, symbolizes the "show behind the show".

Advertising’s Not Dead!

Kick out the ads, Motherf**kers!

Down and Dirty for the Clean Client

Whether it's big, complex solutions or small, one-off projects, it is always fun to get down and dirty for a favorite client!

Introducing Moore Park KOP

AgileCat helped guide the vision for Moore Park KOP alongside KOP-BID, property owners, tenants, employees, and civic leaders.