Broadening the Scope of a Medical Innovator

Trice Medical

Trice Medical is changing the world of in-office diagnostics with the Dynamic Imaging Platform, the only imaging platform connecting mi-eye 2 (the revolutionary alternative to an MRI) and mi-ultra (a compact, lightweight and transportable ultrasound) in one platform.

Diagnosing a Strategy

Trice Medical needed a marketing strategy targeting two different demographics: physicians and patients. AgileCat jumped at the opportunity to give this game-changing company — and their groundbreaking diagnostics devices — the identity they deserved.

Two Audiences, Simultaneously

We designed a website that serves as a hub for both physicians and patients. The split-screen homepage is a gateway to each specified path.

A Clear and Immediate Answer for Physicians

It was imperative to convey how the Dynamic Imaging Platform, a total in-office diagnostics solution, allows physicians to visualize and diagnose joint injuries with a clarity, expediency and convenience never before possible.

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Patients’ Road to Recovery

Trice Medical needed an approachable and compassionate message for patients suffering from a joint injury. The main benefit of mi-eye is that it gives patients immediate answers and puts them on the road to recovery faster. This emotional appeal was at the heart of our patient-focused campaign which lived digitally as well as in physicians’ offices.

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The Results

Trice Medical has risen to national prominence and are reshaping how physicians and patients alike think about orthopedic diagnostics. When you combine cutting-edge technology with clean, compelling design and a dash of compassionate, highly-targeted messaging, you get some stellar results.

  • 13%

    Increase in Users of the Website
  • 58%

    Increase in "Find a Doc" Form Submissions
  • 65%

    Increase in Revenue

“AgileCat became an extension of my team; they understood the strategy and direction of our business as if they were frontline employees. This understanding and involvement enabled AgileCat to develop strategic content and positioning with autonomy, empowering my team to focus on execution. They are nimble, accountable, and true partners in every aspect of the word.”

Jeffrey O'Donnell, Jr., Healthcare Entrepreneur, Former National Director of Sales, Trice Medical