Broadening the Scope of a Medical Innovator

Trice Medical

Trice Medical is changing the world of in-office diagnostics with the Dynamic Imaging Platform, the only imaging platform connecting mi-eye 2 (the revolutionary alternative to an MRI) and mi-ultra (a compact, lightweight and transportable ultrasound) in one platform.

Diagnosing a Strategy

Trice Medical needed a marketing strategy targeting two different demographics: physicians and patients. AgileCat jumped at the opportunity to give this game-changing company — and their groundbreaking diagnostics devices — the identity they deserved.

Two Audiences, Simultaneously

We designed a website that serves as a hub for both physicians and patients. The split-screen homepage is a gateway to each specified path.

A Clear and Immediate Answer for Physicians

It was imperative to convey how the Dynamic Imaging Platform, a total in-office diagnostics solution, allows physicians to visualize and diagnose joint injuries with a clarity, expediency and convenience never before possible.

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Patients’ Road to Recovery

Trice Medical needed an approachable and compassionate message for patients suffering from a joint injury. The main benefit of mi-eye is that it gives patients immediate answers and puts them on the road to recovery faster. This emotional appeal was at the heart of our patient-focused campaign which lived digitally as well as in physicians’ offices.

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The Results

Trice Medical has risen to national prominence and are reshaping how physicians and patients alike think about orthopedic diagnostics. When you combine cutting-edge technology with clean, compelling design and a dash of compassionate, highly-targeted messaging, you get some stellar results.

  • 13%

    Increase in Users of the Website
  • 58%

    Increase in "Find a Doc" Form Submissions
  • 65%

    Increase in Revenue