Guiding Forward for a Financial Beacon

Creative Financial Group

Creative Financial Group (CFG), a 400+ person financial services and insurance company – whose clients include some of the most esteemed family owned businesses from Boston to Washington, DC – came to AgileCat to reposition their brand in light of increased competition.

A Mark with a Mission

We began by elevating the look and meaning of their identity. The logo symbolized how Creative acted in many ways as a compass for their clients, leading the way. It also spoke to the depth of the firm’s resources and forward-thinking approach, while retaining their legacy for excellence. The typeface proudly combined with this elegant icon, resulting in an identity that was nothing short of magnetizing.

Energizing Events for Entrepreneurship

AgileCat created a series of lecture-based events that touted the re-branding while educating their clients when it came to many areas of financial planning. This was launched via a 700-person gala at the Franklin Institute, “starring” Shark Tank judge Robert Herjavec. This effectively drove clients through positioning the Creative story within Mr. Herjavec’s own powerful tale of entrepreneurship, personal risks - and rewards.

A Legacy is Born

In addition, AgileCat created the Legacy series of events, where Creative could reinforce their new brand as well as their expertise in wealth planning for family businesses to both clients and prospects. Through break-out sessions within these events, as well as keynote addresses from individuals such as Jiffy Lube co-founder Stephen Spinelli, Jr., PhD., AgileCat ensured the Creative story stuck with thousands.

Great Success

Through a combination of this robust re-brand while bringing it to life with the Creative culture and truly “creative” events, AgileCat has grown the firm significantly while positioning them for their brightest future.