Heavy-lifting to New Heights


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Over 40 years ago, Jim Danella embarked on a business mission. Well, actually what started as a business purchase of a utility construction company quickly grew into a multi-industry powerhouse helping to keep America powered and on the go. Soon the company grew to include not only communications and electric work, but also gas, water, and steam. Now, they needed new brand construction in the face of growing competition. Enter the Cats.

Digging Deep on Danella Digital

If you want to ‘Make Life Go’ your digital platform better be ready to redline. When Danella came to AgileCat looking for a digital do-over, they wanted something clean, smart and simple; just like the solutions they give to their clients nationwide.

The Payoff

Danella is growing almost as fast as they can build. Since the Cats came on the scene, two new Danella locations have opened and more continue to open across the Nation. With their new brand identity.

  • 6x

    follower growth compared to nearest competitor
  • 78%

    of website traffic from social media
  • 1000's

    of job applications