Designing for Life — Elevating for Work


As a national, premier dealer of Knoll furniture, one of the most respected brands in the world, CFI wants your workplace to be designed thoughtfully and with purpose. But in many offices up and down the east coast, purposeful design of furniture and workplace had fallen low on the list of priorities. Enter the Cats.

Taking Shape

The dynamics and thoughtful design of office furniture doesn’t just rely on a single chair or desk, it relies on how every piece in the office compliments each other. Essentially, design is a collaboration. CFI’s new logo by AgileCat is inspired from this truth: the greater whole is only possible through smaller components.

Brand Launch

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Digital with Mindful Design

Inspired by the furniture that they sell, AgileCat built a responsive digital platform with a modern minimalist makeover.

The Payoff

Lots of brands lean on bells and whistles in marketing to make their products sing. At AgileCat we march to the beat of one drum: Results. In this case it was CFI’s 23% revenue increase within one year of re-branding. It’s a direct result of sticking to the values of CFI and the values of their major partner, Knoll. Both believe that thoughtful, purposeful design is the trademark of good business.