Caring for the Customers’ and Employees’ Experience the Way That AAMCO Cares for Cars


Brand Strategy  |  Brandterior® Design

AAMCO, looking to shift public perception from a greasy mechanic shop to an automotive destination with cutting-edge, tech-focused tacticians, tasked AgileCat to redefine their in-store customer experience.

We redesigned AAMCO’s flagship store with a highly-evolved brand at the heart, reflecting their desire to offer dealership quality at a better value.

An Elevated Automotive Experience

We established an experience that expressed the brand’s ambition, one that drove home a clear sense of professionalism to the people. We took inspiration from high-end retailer experiences across various industries to deliver store designs that brought openness and transparency to their garages and warmth and serenity to their waiting areas.

“AgileCat’s Brandterior® design has been a total game-changer for AAMCO, our employees, and our customers. Everybody is talking about the unique look and high-end feel of our new stores. They really reflect the goals for our brand and the customer experience.”

Jim Gregory, CEO, AAMCO