Bringing Joy to New Parents Worldwide


Joie, an international baby gear company, sought out AgileCat to tell an emotive story that would connect with parents swimming in baby brands — not to mention soiled diapers — vying for their attention.

Bring the Kids

AgileCat developed joyful, motivating positioning that conveyed to new and seasoned parents alike that Joie gear makes traveling with tykes infinitely easy. AgileCat created energized, connected visuals across advertising, web, store design, and more.

Introducing Joie

A full-scale, 10,000 square ft. tradeshow exhibit was designed by AgileCat to showcase the world of Joie to the International market.

The Payoff

Joie products are consistent sell-outs at Babies R’ Us among other retailers, from the UK to the Far East. We’ll dip our paci’s in champagne and toast that!