How do you give an edge to America's premier edge city?

King of Prussia District

With the introduction of so many amenities above and beyond retail within King of Prussia (KOP), came the challenge of how to promote and entice new tenants, in a clear, clever and consistent way. Enter the Cats.

Our Edge Online

AgileCat designed the layout and user experience to deliver consumers information about KOP quickly and efficiently whether on a desktop or on the go.

The Payoff

Keep your eyes peeled and ears up. You’re going to want to pay attention. King of Prussia is booming and has unmatched potential for growth. AgileCat knows the high stakes and have shifted into top gear with our results-driven philosophy. Through integrated messaging and targeting, AgileCat brought more than 60 retailers, businesses and restaurants to KOP in 2016, with 100 more slated for 2017. There’s only one town fit for a crown.

Nothing shabby about this tabby.