Giving Trust a Name and a Face

Bryn Mawr Trust

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Trust. When you’re a bank, that’s something you better be able to back up. Bryn Mawr Trust has been backing it up since, oh, 1889. When you’ve been in business for 130+ years, you are putting a lot of trust into an agency when you ask them to redesign the logo you’ve had since you opened your doors. That’s the trust they instilled in AgileCat.

The Proven Choice

Over their storied history, Bryn Mawr Trust has displayed endurance and viability through economic prosperity and turmoil. A company with well over a century of banking under their belt can be summed up in one tagline: The Proven Choice.

Every Kind of Customer

Bryn Mawr Trust came to AgileCat with a major challenge: How to appeal to a huge spectrum of individuals, from a college student to a first time homeowner to a CEO looking to protect and preserve their wealth.

Wealth Management Strategy

After conducting deep research and interviewing BMT’s wealth division leadership, we found that they truly embraced a ‘listening first’ approach when customizing wealth management solutions for each client. AgileCat created a memorable campaign that spoke boldly to this philosophy, and developed “We Know Nothing” which lived in advertisements as well as sales materials, driving growth and success for this first-in-class group of experts.