Revolutionizing the look of a company that’s revolutionizing the world.


In 1981, two brothers set out to change the world. Their focus was originally on resins made specially for water purifiers, aiding the globe in amazing technological advances. Today, they are much more than a resin company; they’re your solutions company.

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Engineering A Website For Engineers And Scientists

When it came to digital, we knew that Purolite needed a sleek, efficient platform. Something that catches your eye but never distracts. What was born was a comprehensive modern web and mobile site unlike any other in their industry.

Where Simple Meets Smart

The packaging we design is as purposeful and effective as the products our clients make. When it came to Purolite, our design needed to be sleek and flexible enough to range from sample size to tanker size.

Nuclear Power Industry

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The Payoff

Sure, we love to make crazy-awesome creative, but we know what really makes our clients purr. Results. Even if your work has bells, whistles and can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it doesn’t mean squat if it doesn’t make a scratch. That’s why we’re proud to say that Purolite has seen a 40% revenue increase in the three years since AgileCat’s re-branding. Seems like that’s how it goes around here. Give us a mission and we deliver the ferocity.