Revolutionizing the Look of a Company That’s Revolutionizing the World


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In 1981, two brothers set out to change the world. Their focus was originally on resins made specially for water purifiers, aiding the globe in amazing technological advances. Purolite brought in AgileCat in 2011 to help give them a voice and identity that would speak to the world, not just their industry. Today, they are much more than a resin company; they’re your solutions company.

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Expansion Means Opportunity

In 2021, Ecolab (ECL) — a global leader in water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions and services — brought Purolite under its wing to expand their resin technology, bioprocessing and life sciences capabilities. This major acquisition raised obvious branding challenges — as well as great opportunities to build upon an already strong identity which we (AgileCat) had built from the ground up. Working hand-in-hand with both Purolite and Ecolab, AgileCat was tasked with thoughtfully ushering in this visual evolution and expansion of branded elements. The process and result were a great success, as a new thoroughly engineered logo suite and deeply supportive brand guidelines continue to propel Purolite into the future with a firm grasp on their own identity.

Engineering A Website For Engineers And Scientists

When it comes to digital, we knew that Purolite needed an efficient web and mobile platform that catches your eye but never distracts. Unlike any other in their industry, Purolite’s website serves as an engaging view of the company and its offerings — as well as a comprehensive product database, resin modeling/prototyping tools, language support for seven global markets and a robust navigation system to accommodate their growing business divisions.

Where Simple Meets Smart

The packaging we design is as purposeful and effective as the products our clients make. When it came to Purolite, our design needed to be visually organized and flexible enough to span from sample size to tanker size.

Nuclear Power Industry

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Modular Brand Experience

All around the globe, Purolite teams attend many trade shows, conventions and sales events each year. AgileCat has created an array of booth designs and modular exhibits that have traveled internationally as an extension of the brand — highlighting industry specialties and specific product offerings — while providing the staff and visitors with a comfortable meeting environment.

"When our relationship with AgileCat began in 2011, their first step was to understand who we are through their Brand Therapy™ program. By understanding the soul of Purolite they were able to provide truly customized work and become indispensable partners. Since then, they have led us through company rebranding, produced all our creative assets including our website, trade show exhibits and marketing collateral designs, as well as Brandterior® for our office and plants. I couldn’t be prouder of the work we have done to advance the Purolite brand together."

Jeffrey Frain, Global Marketing Director, Purolite, An Ecolab Company