Bringing the Next Generation of Helmet Safety


HelmetFit is an innovative startup driven by the concept that sports-related head injuries can and should be prevented. The HelmetFit app, integrated with an electronic air pump ensures a perfectly fit helmet — always. With a powerful product in place, an equally powerful brand was needed to tell a clear, compelling, and visual narrative.

Play it Safer

'Play it Safer' is a call to action that appeals to players and the decision makers around them. This message draws a connection between player safety and the innovative product offered by HelmetFit. With emotional resonance and instant impact, 'Play it Safer' is a driving force behind HelmetFit’s emerging success.

A Revolution in Protection

In addition to introducing HelmetFit's breakthrough product and its features, the website serves as a hub for helmet safety research and news, reminding parents and coaches of the true value HelmetFit offers.