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EIR Healthcare

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MedModular, an EIR Healthcare product, enhances the quality of life and living through hospital rooms that are at the forefront of technological and design innovations. While EIR Healthcare is redefining modular for the future, AgileCat was tasked with redefining the branding and positioning of this wildly innovative company.

EIR Healthcare has been awarded numerous awards including two Fast Company Innovation by Design honors for its modular design solution positioned to save the healthcare industry.

Simple, Streamlined, Always Evolving

MedModular rooms are all about transitions: customizing and configuring aspects of the hospital room to suit each patient’s unique needs. AgileCat reflects those modular experiences with a new dynamic logo that manages to both simplify and expand upon the previous version.

When Two Become One

A major goal for AgileCat was figuring out how to position EIR Healthcare in a way that became synonymous with MedModular, its flagship product. We started by consolidating the two brands into one through the website: MedModular by EIR Healthcare. The navigation bar allows the user the toggle back and forth from MedModular to EIR Healthcare, transitioning from white to black without having to leave the website.


EIR Healthcare's new site won two W3 Silver Awards in the category of Health Care Service and for Visual Appeal and Experience.

First Impressions

EIR Healthcare has fully embraced AgileCat’s rebranding initiative, as exemplified with our continued content and design work that presents the EIR Healthcare story in a way that’s clear, compassionate, and evocative.