Welcoming a New School of Thought

Drexel University

The ultimate investment deserves the ultimate idea. As colleges and universities across the country fight for students, Drexel’s aggressive goal to vastly increase those attending their university required a truly agile approach.

Thinking Forward

AgileCat developed a tagline and campaign that shared the Drexel story — and vision — with parents and students from Boston to DC. This proposition was about more than the exceptional education one receives at Drexel – it told captivating tales of students’ inventions changing the world in which we live.

Real World Change

It became apparent to Drexel that they needed to endear leaders of colleges across the country to how Drexel students truly were creating real-world change. AgileCat dug into the stories at Drexel, showcasing how forward thinking these students and their inventions truly are in concept and execution.

The Result

Thinking Forward created a massive differentiation between Drexel and many competing regional colleges and universities. It also set the stage for the second wave campaign, which resulted in Drexel advancing in their rankings and overall perception by university leaders across the U.S.