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IMCS Group, a behavioral healthcare organization that helps get injured workers healthy and back to work feeling fulfilled, underwent a massive shift to a technology company focusing solely on telehealth services. With such a wide array of stakeholders — investors, nurses, case managers, medical management professionals — the challenge was to develop a new brand that reflected their evolved approach while ensuring that the entire organization had a say and felt included.

Always Ascending

By bringing together “ascend,” “excel,” and “us,” Ascellus became the perfect descriptor of this all-encompassing Workers’ Comp organization that empowers shared success. There’s an intuitive rhythm to the services they offer — and phonetically, this name struck just the right tone. The logo is highlighted with an ascending “A” symbol, which carries both angular energy and humanistic ease in its form.

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Digital Experience

AgileCat-designed websites are always brand-centric and bold, creating a digital experience that inspires action. After all, your online presence is a direct representation of your brand. We make sure it’s leaving the right impression!

Ascellus Connect

Ascellus Connect is a HIPAA-compliant, all-in-one technology solution that enables a more efficient and convenient treatment experience. A unique internal brand exists for this service that includes a text modifier as part of the full logo expression.