Let’s Talk

It feels good to talk.

When you isolate yourself and leave things bottled up for too long, you’re bound to grow bitter, stale, and out of touch.

I’m referring to the “you” in this scenario as your brand. As the Brand Strategist of AgileCat, it’s my job to conduct market research and develop positioning recommendations that ensure brands are reaching their fullest potential by communicating a consistent and effective message.

And while you take a little R&R, I’ll initiate a lot of R&D.

As part of our onboarding process, every AgileCat client undergoes extensive Research & Development — our own proprietary process called Brand Therapy™. This process is designed to extract the key story and get to the heart of who and what your brand stands for — which ultimately drives all of our work, from messaging to logo design to full-scale advertising campaigns. We immerse ourselves within every facet of your industry, pinpoint the factors holding your brand back, and speak with everyone necessary — inside and outside of the organization — to learn what they hope to see you achieve through rebranding.

You can think of me like a therapist, only less qualified and more judgy.

I want to hear it all: why you think your logo doesn’t resonate the way it used to; the regrettable time in your life when your brand tried to appeal to the millennial set; that time a formerly loyal customer switched to a competitor’s product.

We’ll be diving into unchartered waters during these exploratory sessions. Though that may sound like a scary prospect, I can assure you that your brand will come out on the other side with a newfound sense of purpose — and that’s when things start to get really fun. With a rock-solid foundation in place, AgileCat will unleash our full suite of creative services designed to amplify your voice, disrupt your space, and maximize your brand’s mission. We won’t be able to take all the credit, because you’ve made the most important step by reaching out.

So tell us why you’re here today.

— Alexander Schwartz, Brand Strategist