The Power of SketchUp

I love Sketchup. It is one of the lesser-utilized tools in our industry but its value is unmatched when designing for the built environment. SketchUp is a free 3D modeling program that gives our designers an easy way to quickly visualize their work in space.

An increasing number of our clients have seen the value in creating a truly customized space for their brands to thrive in – whether it is at a trade show or in the boardroom. These built environments offer powerful ways for a brand to connect with people in ways that extend beyond the screen.

We have used Sketchup in many recent projects from start to finish and it has brought tremendous value to nearly every level of the creative process. We often use Sketchup in the early stages of a project to get buy-in from a client on concepts that may be tough to verbally communicate or involve very specific materials. Providing renderings to vendors at an early stage has also given us an opportunity to tap into their expertise and recommend new materials and techniques to our clients.

When it comes time to work with our vendors to construct a tradeshow booth or installation, being able to reference exact dimensions within Sketchup has allowed us to meet very tight timelines and avoid the back and forth that can bog down a project at this vital stage.

There is always something new to learn in Sketchup. With a wealth of content on Youtube and on the Sketchup website, I am constantly working to expand our capabilities and bring our latest ideas to life.

– Pat Midway, Senior Designer