The Internet is filthy with posts tagged #relationshipgoals. I’m sure you’ve seen them. Couples who do sickeningly sweet things for one another publicly, or performing oddly gross things (like popping a loved one’s back pimple). Sometimes the images are humorous and sometimes heartwarming, but the underlying beauty in all of them is in the obvious bond that these couples share. We all covet that level of happiness in a relationship, it’s part of our nature as human beings–that’s what makes these images so compelling.

But real relationships require more than just pictures that get a ton of re-grams and likes. Valentine’s day is an ideal time to reflect on your relationships. So I’ve been this thinking, can’t businesses have relationship goals as well?

Be all you can be.
In a good relationship, a partner encourages us to best selves; show support, and also push us to be better. I did not marry my wife simply because she is beautiful or because she is smart. She helps me reach my potential as a man, a father, and creative, every single day.

At AgileCat, our best clients challenge us to use every aspect of our talents. Sure, we do great designs but we aren’t just a pretty face. We understand business and how to navigate brands to success. We are more then merely advertisers, we are brand consultants.

More talky, less walky
Communication is they key to good relationships, that’s almost a given. You have to be on the same page in any partnership. That’s why we have weekly phone conversations with our clients to check-in and make sure everything’s bueno. We strive to make each client feel like they are the only client. Same goes with my wife (just kidding, hunny bunny) but showing special attention is indeed critical to a solid relationship.

Trust Fall
I am my wife’s confidant and she is mine. When a client puts their complete trust in us, the best work emerges. Trust gives way to the freedom to be you. When you trust a partner to be there, when you count of them to do their best, that’s when the magic happens.

Ultimately a relationship, be it professional or personal, can be likened to being on a ship, way out to sea. Look at the word “relationship” itself. The word “ship” is right there in it. What kind of relationship would you like to have with your fellow castaways? Do you want to be encouraged? Do you want someone you can trust at the helm when the storm’s raging and the winds are blowing? Or do you want someone who’s eyeing up your rump roast when rations run out? You tell me.


– Matt Davis, Associate Creative Director