As an agency, nothing jazzes every Cat here like seeing our branding work literally ‘on the road.’ Though our campaigns, packaging, and designs are seen from Philly to Paris, there is just something about driving down the road and seeing a truck roll by with an AgileCat design fueling the journey and spreading the love. In fact, just before sitting down to pen this little blog, I saw one of our clients’ trucks amble down 19th Street adorned head to toe with our design – and it really lit me up.

With that recent inspiration in mind, I wanted to share a little spec work we did for Peapod, arguably the pioneer of grocery food delivery. Our goal here was to get some new, fresh ideas in front of Peapod. You’ll see how AgileCat conceived several different campaigns – from design and illustrations to snappy (or is it snappea?) copy – to bring Peapod’s delivery fleet to life.  We hope you enjoy the ideas and designs as much as we enjoyed producing them.