2014: What I Learned

I often say, as the CEO of this incredible agency, I’m constantly learning things about myself and about business in general. It’s what I love most about doing what I do, and thought it would be nice to share things that really hit home with me this past year.

1. The more we laughed as a group when brainstorming, the better the idea was.

2. Sometimes when you get out from behind your desk and stretch your legs, your mind stretches right along with it.

3. When someone is candid with you, it means they trust you. It also means you have an excellent relationship.

4. Do exactly what you’re best at and if you are in the middle of a task not suited for your skills, stop immediately and get it in the hands of the person who is built for it.

5. Great teams make vacations truly enjoyable, as there isn’t a shred of a doubt they have it covered.

6. Criticism should never be sugar coated, and the more swiftly it is delivered, the more effectively it will be received.

7. Taking your own medicine isn’t always easy, but can be an absolute blast, and is always enjoyed as a group when its “effects” settle in.

8. Thank people liberally – and quickly – when it’s deserved. Don’t wait for an annual review.

9. Serve others in whatever way you can: volunteer, donate to charity, get on a Board, attend a fundraiser. You’ll be glad you did and you may be saving someone’s life in the process.

10. Great ideas come out of thin air and can come from anyone. Be ready to activate them when they do! “Execution is the chariot of genius,” said William Blake.

Cheers to new lessons to come your way in 2015! I wish you the very best in life and business. #StayAgile

– Peter Madden, President and CEO