Inspiring 23,000 Big Pharma Employees to Live Healthier


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GlaxoSmithKline, a global pharmaceutical and healthcare company, asked AgileCat to create an internal brand and campaign to encourage each of their 23,000 US employees to seek out a healthier lifestyle. We created the brand “generate,” symbolizing the spark inside each person that once lit, leads an individual to pursue their best selves.

More than a Word —
Generate Became a Rally Cry

AgileCat saw the power in leveraging the energy and brand equity of the GSK orange gradient color theme and created a progressive mark symbolizing the spark that was essential to good health. From environmental graphics to small but crucial displays, the generate symbol and message became synonymous with the pursuit of better health.

The Campaign

AgileCat created dozens of advertisements that lived digitally, on GSK video screens throughout their campuses, on employee resource websites, and even in printed posters and flyers. Each ad was aimed at empowering and empathizing with the "whole person" that proudly called themselves an ambassador of GSK.

The Result

Generate — along with GSK’s relentless ambition — was woven into the culture with great success. From employees forming running and biking clubs to the lines of communication between managers and direct reports vastly improving, this campaign became the foundation to new levels of achievement for the company and culture.