Brandterior® Design

Transforming Culture One Square Foot at a Time

Let’s Get Physical

AgileCat is relentless in our pursuit of what’s next. This led us to the creation of Brandterior® Design, a groundbreaking hybrid of branding and interior design. It starts with uncovering the brand within a brand and expressing it within a workspace. From art installations to history galleries to naming HQs, rooms, and spaces, we create ecosystems that inspire and motivate.

A Catalyst to a One-of-a-Kind Culture Drives Growth

Culture is the engine of the new economy. Brandterior® Design is the spark that transforms the everyday office into a robust, “living” environment.

It is crucial that companies attract and retain top talent. The happy result is that this creative effort connects each employee to a brand in thought-provoking ways that count.

Welcome to WowTown

When Five Below moved to their massive new Headquarters, they came to us to brand their space and bring their mantra, “Let Go & Have Fun” to life. In naming “WowTown” and designing their walls to creatively reflect their company values, AgileCat gave birth to a new way to drive culture. Welcome to the future of how companies will leverage their space to delight employees and visitors.

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Digging the New Digs

We came. We saw. We Wowed. Five Below’s culture has been truly transformed through AgileCat’s Brandterior® Design. Walking the gorgeous space, you feel the energy that pulses throughout. The office for this retail innovator has truly been re-imagined through our collaboration, and the fun’s just getting started.